Pub Lunch

今日はとても良いお天気で、しかも久しぶりに一日中雨が降らない予報だったので(このところ、太陽も顔を出す日も増えたのですが、1日の中のどこかで雨が降ることが多い)、お天気が良い日で予定のない日に行こうと思っていたアランデル城のチューリップフェスティバルに行ってきました。その前に、パブでランチ。わたしは昨日も行きましたが「The Swan Hotel」で。

It has been a beautiful day today, no rain at all.  Although we have been seeing the sun more recently, it does usually tend to rain at sometime during the day, but no rain today.  It’s already nearly 7:00pm but it’s still looking beautifully sunny outside. 

We had been planning to go to Arundel Castle when the weather is good and we don’t have anything on as they are having their Tulip Festival and today was the day we chose.  Before that we went to “The Swan Hotel” for lunch (I was there yesterday as well but not with my husband).


My husband had Chicken Pie and I had Chicken, Chorizo & Mozzarella Melt.  My husband said his pie was so-so.  He doesn’t like stewed chicken so much in general but they didn’t have a beef pie today.   I couldn’t believe the amount of mashed potatoes on the plate, I don’t think he managed even half of it.



The chicken in my sandwich was so dry, I had trouble with swallowing it so I ended up taking the chicken out in the end.  I must say it’s hard to find any chicken that is tender here.  Smoked chicken seems fine as it’s more like ham, but cooked chicken tends to be hard to chew.  The sausage sandwich I had yesterday was better.  I don’t have many of chips that come with the sandwiches here as there are just so many.



I’ll blog the Tulip Festival later.



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