Family Gathering In Salisbury

今日は夫の兄とパートナーと2人の息子(甥っ子)と夫の弟夫婦とわたしたちの7人で久しぶりに集まりました。義兄の提案で、Salisbury のカテドラルの中にあるカフェで軽いランチをしました。義兄とパートナーはドーセット、2人の息子はブリストル、義弟夫婦はウィンザーとそれぞれに離れたところに住んでいるので、どこからも行けるところということで選ばれたのだと思います。我が家からは2時間弱。

We met my husband’s elder brother, his partner and their son, and my husband’s younger brother and his wife. We hadn’t got together with all of them for quite a while.  My husband’s elder brother suggested to meet in a cafe in the cathedral in Salisbury so that’s where we had a light lunch.  My husband’s elder brother and his partner live in Dorset, their son lives in Bristol and my husband’s younger brother and his wife live in Windsor so I guess they chose somewhere we can all get to.  It took us nearly 2 hours to get there.


Still rape flowers in England.



As my husband was worried about not being able to find a place to park (apparently there is a large car park near the cathedral and no problem with finding space) my husband had booked a parking space on the driveway of somebody’s house.  I don’t know if there is such a system in Japan but here people let you use their private parking spaces (for a reasonable fee) and you can book one online, my husband has used it a few times and it can be very useful.


The cathedral was probably 7 or 8 minutes’ walk from where we parked the car.  White wisteria looked so beautiful along the wall of a house along the way, but the photos don’t really show how beautiful they looked.












This is Salisbury Cathedral.  We had lunch in the cafe inside.  My husband and I had Mozzarella & tomato panini.   I meant to take some photos of inside but forgot, I wish I’d taken some as it was quite nice inside.  We finished our lunch very quickly but I think we chatted nearly for 2 and a half hours or so.





As I keep writing, we’ve been having such lovely weather for a while and it was another beautiful day today without a cloud in the sky.  I guess the temperature was near 20C but it was quite breezy so not warm enough to walk in summer clothes but it was very comfortable to walk.  (The lowest temperature still goes as low as 6C, it’s nearly June!)  After lunch, we walked near the cathedral, then said goodbye.







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