Carbonara & Fava Beans


Today’s dinner was Carbonara using the guanciale and pecorino cheese that we brought from Rome.  We used the recipe of Gennaro, which is my favourite at the moment, but I wrote in my blog when  cooked it last time that 80g of pasta per person was a little too much (the recipe says 100g per person) so we used 75g each.  I also wrote that a half of pancetta would have been enough so we halved the guanciale amount to a half as well as pecorino cheese.  We also used 2 egg yolks rather than 3 because the amount of pasta and the rest is quite a lot less than the recipe.   It was very good.


Guanciale was really nice, not gamy at all.  We’ve bought guanciale in Singapore and also here (from London) but I almost always find it too gamy to my liking.  I’m not very keen on fat of any meat when it’s not marbled and guanciale always have a lot of fat but I actually enjoyed it, I did crisp it up so it didn’t taste fatty.  Guanciale that you get outside Italy tends to be very salty (and this problem isn’t just about guanciale) so you do need to be careful how much you use.  The one we brought from Rome wasn’t very salty so we could have used more than a half the recipe.


We also had some fava beans in the fridge and I’ve been wanting to use them before they go off and hadn’t had a chance so I just used them today and cooked with garlic and chilli in a frying pan.  We had some while we were cooking the pasta and some after eating the pasta.




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