Tea & Home Baked Madelene In The Garden


Our garden designer came over for tea & a follow up of our garden, so I baked the Raspberry Madelene that I learned at a Zoom baking class.  You need to let the batter rest so I make the batter on the day before and all I do on the day is to put the batter in the tin and bake it – nice and easy.  The garden designer has never touched any biscuits we usually put out when she is here for tea because she is health conscious but she did have one Madelene today because they were home baked.


We walked the front and the back gardens together and talked about what to do with the replacement of our penstemons that didn’t survive the winter, and also what to plant the area where we don’t have many plants, on the right side of the back garden looking from the house.   We did some catching up after that over tea like where we’d been in the last few months and where we will be for holidays in the near future.  After she left, we did some necessary gardening, too.


This was the first time this year that we sat at the table on the patio.  As the weather has been lovely and it gets warm enough during the day, it’s comfortable to sit here during the day, but it does cool down in late afternoon so it’s still too cold to eat dinner outside.




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