ランチに食べすぎたのか、結局夕方になってもあまりお腹が空かず(告白すると、おやつにドーナッツを食べてしまいました 笑)予定を変更しました。アンティパスティ的なものの後に少量のパスタと思っていましたが、パスタは中止、アンティパスティだけにしました。

I guess the lunch was big enough for us, and we didn’t feel hungry enough to have a proper dinner in the evening (I confess that we had a doughnut each as a snack, too) so we changed our plan.  We were going to have a small plate of pasta after some antipasti but we decided not to have the pasta and have just antipasti.



We wanted to finish the sliced prosciutto that we brought from Rome  so we had that with melon.  I prefer figs but it’s hard to find good ripe figs here.


Also Caprese that my husband just loves.  This time we used Burrata instead of mozzarella, and mini tomatoes rather than large ones.  I’m not keen on mozzarella or burrata myself so I had a very small portion of it and my husband had the rest.



When we cooked risotto the other day, we grated too much Parmesan cheese and it’s been sitting in the fridge ever since, so I made some parmesan crisps with it.  I also some rocket leaves with balsamic glaze on the side.



We also had some ciabatta bread so it was enough for us today.


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