Sourdough Pizza (Franco Manca in Chichester) For Lunch

今日はチチェスターでネイルをお昼頃に予約していたので、その後夫とランチをしました。ネイルサロンの前でドロップオフしてくれた時、夫が「じゃあ、Franco Manca の前でね!」と言っていたので、ネイルの後会った時「(イタリアでも何度か食べましたし、ついこの間もパブで食べた残りを夕食にしたばかりなので)また、ピッツァにするの?」と聞きましたら、「他でもいいよ。」と言われましたが、かと言ってチチェスターで軽いランチができるところを思いつけず。カフェのようなところで軽くて美味しいランチが食べれるところってないんですよね〜。

I had an appointment at a nail salon in Chichester around lunch time, so we had lunch out afterwards.  When my husband dropped me off in front of the salon, he said “See you in front of Franco Manca.”  When I met him after the nail, I said “Are we having pizza again? ” because we had it a couple of times in Rome and also the left-over pizza I had at lunch in a pub just the other day in the evening.  He said “We can go somewhere else?” but I couldn’t come up with anywhere so we did have pizza again.  I haven’t been able to find any cafe or a restaurant, where you can have light lunch that we can enjoy in Chichester.





We’ve tried a few different pizzas here before but in the end we decided that we liked this one best – spicy salami, sautéed red onion etc.   We shared one between us.


We did order one side salad each today.



We had a bottle of small Coca Cola each and the total bill was about £30.  It was about the right amount of food, but I’m not sure if we would be hungry enough to have dinner this evening.


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