Thai Time

明日はお隣のお友達ご夫婦を夕食にお招きしていて今日その準備をしていたので、今日の夕食は作りたくないな〜、ということで、アランデルのタイ料理「Thai Time」に行って来ました。

As our neighbour friends are coming for dinner tomorrow, I was cooking tomorrow’s dinner today and didn’t want to have to cook tonight’s dinner as well – so we went to “Thai Time”.


We tend to order the same things when we go here.  Vegetable spring rolls, chicken satay, Pad Thai, Mince Pork Salad, followed by Banana Fritter for dessert.  We also ordered stir-fried morning glory but they didn’t have morning glory today.  We often order too much but today we must’ve ordered just the right amount as we finished everything.






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