Dinner At Thai Time In Arundel


It was quite hot during the day (the weather information said around 23C but our thermometer said 25C in the shade), but cooled down very quickly in the evening and it felt a little cold with the strong wind even with a cardigan over a short-sleeve top.


I’ve written that we ordered some plants and they (31 penstemons and 31 foxgloves) arrived this afternoon.  As they don’t let you know when the delivery would be and in the past many deliveries were put off until the following day so we couldn’t relax until they arrived.  Our gardener will be coming tomorrow afternoon to plant them so we really needed them today so we can put the where we want them to be planted.  The weather forecast says it’ll rain early in the morning, then it’ll stop and will be clear in the afternoon with low temperature, which sounds ideal for our gardener to plant them, I hope the forecast will be correct.

今日の夕食は、アランデルの Thai Time に行ってきました。オーダーは、相変わらずマンネリです。野菜揚げ春巻き、チキンサテー、豚ミンチのサラダ(ラーブ)、グリーンチキンカレー、モーニンググローリーの炒め物、ライス、デザートにバナナフリッターをシェアー。モーニンググローリーの炒め物は甘いお醤油独特の味が強すぎてあまり好みではなかったですが、他はとても美味しかったです。因みに、いつもは予約をして行くのですが、今日は急に今日のお昼に決めたので「お店広いし、これまで満席らしき時ってなかったから予約しないで行こうか」ということになりそうしたら、なんとか入れましたがわたしたちのテーブルが雄一空いていたテーブルだったようで、お手洗いの真ん前という場所でした、やはり予約はする方が安心。

We went to Thai Time in Arundel for dinner today.  We almost always order the same dishes with a few differences that we sometimes make.  Deep-fried Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Mince Pork Salad (Laab), Green Chicken Curry, Stir-fried Morning Glory, Rice and Banana Fritter to share for dessert.  The morning glory tasted too strongly of sweet soy sauce and I wasn’t keen on the taste, but all the others were very good.  Incidentally, we almost always book a table but today we decided at lunch time to go there for dinner and we said to each other, “Shall we just go?  The restaurant is large and it’s never full.”.  Well, it was nearly full.  Fortunately for us, we took the last table but not a very nice one.  It’s always best to book a table.







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