Left-Over Cottage Pie


The temperature went up to 24C and it was very sunny today, it’ll go up to 25C tomorrow.


Today’s dinner was, as I wrote yesterday, left-over Cottage Pie from yesterday.  When we warm something like this up for the second time sometimes it can get a little dry but it was nice, fluffy and moist today, so we enjoyed it very much.  The side dishes were carrots and steam-stir-fried stem broccoli with garlic.  Before the Cottage Pie, my husband had Caprese salad as we wanted to finish up the left-over mozzarella that we used for pizza the other day.  I’d forgotten to take a photo until he’d had about a half of it.  After the main, we also had 3 cheeses – goat cheese, Baron Bigot (Brie from Suffolk) and Shropshire Blue.  I don’t like goat cheese very much but I enjoyed the brie and the blue, specially Shropshire Blue which was really good.







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