Veal Paupiettes With Minced Beef

今日の夕食は、今月の「La Table Enchantee」のズームレッスンのメニューだった、牛肉のポピエット(牛肉の巻き巻き牛肉包み)にトライしました。レシピでは牛の薄切りで牛ミンチを使ったハンバーグの種のようなものを包むのですが、牛の薄切りはこの辺りでは手に入りませんし、ロンドンから取り寄せはできますがとても高価な日本から輸入したすき焼き用などになってしまうので、オンラインスーパーで見つけた仔牛の薄切りを使いました。

Today’s dinner was “Veal Paupiettes With Minced Beef”, which was one of the menu of the cooking class by “La Table Enchantee” this month.  The recipe uses thinly sliced beef as the teacher lives in Japan, but it’s not available here.  I could order from a speciality shop in London but it would be imported from Japan and very expensive.  The teacher said the recipe she was inspired by actually uses veal escalopes, and I found some on our online supermarket, so I used those.


My husband did his best to bash the veal escalops to make them thinner but they aren’t as thin as Japanese sliced beef and they weren’t large enough to fully wrap around the filling, so we just put a slice around a ball of filling but it left about 20% of it without a covering of veal, so while I was searing the outside in a frying pan some of the veal started to come off.  One of the slices was so small that all we could do was to  put it on top of the filling leaving most uncovered.  As they are quite a lot thicker than Japanese sliced beef they were also on the tough side to eat.   I think thinly sliced beef that has a little fat would have worked a lot better, but they were still quite good and tasty.



You are supposed to use peach juice as one of the ingredients for the sauce but I didn’t find any here, so we pureed the very ripe donut peaches that we had at home.  The puree was quite thick so we didn’t need to use any corn starch to thicken the sauce after reducing it.  We wondered if it would be too sweet with the strong flavour of the fresh peach puree, but once it was mixed with the veal with beef filling it wasn’t too sweet, it was just nicely sweet and went well.


We had it with Potato Dauphinoise and green beans.






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