Gazpacho & Salad


It was quite a nice day today and it looks like it will be similar all week next week I hope the forecast will be correct.  The temperature went up to 25C yesterday, I think it was a little lower today as it felt a bit cooler.  The temperature inside the house goes above 25C, though, so we’ve been using our air-conditioning now and again.  It’s not too bad when we aren’t doing a lot but once I do things like cooking or gardening I get very hot and it’s nice to have air-conditioning on to cool down quickly.


We went to a garden centre today because one of the pots on the patio in our back garden was looking very sad with a lot of flowers going brown, so we wanted to plant some fresh ones.  However, they didn’t have summer flowers any longer so we bought some violets and planted them.  They look a bit strange with all the other flowers being summer flowers.


We had lunch at the garden centre.  I’ve been having their Mediterranean panini for the last few times and that was what I ordered today, too, but it wasn’t as good as before.  The courgette and onion were very watery and there wasn’t much red pepper nor the sauce so the whole sandwich tasted of nothing very much.  My husband had Chicken & chorizo panini and the bread was very dry and hard, like it was stale.  I don’t know why because it’s the same bread as my panini, they either used old bread or it was left in the oven for too long and had gone dry.




As we had quite ‘meaty’ meals yesterday and the day before yesterday, we had a lot of vegetables for dinner today.  Gazpacho and a salad.




My husband was in charge of Gazpacho and it was delicious.


I made a filling salad with boiled potatoes, boiled eggs etc.



Garlic Flatbread from Marks & Spencer’s, quite nice.




Both were delicious and it felt good to have a lot of vegetables.




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