Cold Pasta With Peaches & Parma Ham


Thankfully, the heatwave seems to be going, at least around here, although it’s still hot in and around London.  It’s down to 25C here today with grey skies and it’s expected to go down to 24C tomorrow, then 23C, then around 21C after that so back to how it was before the heatwave.  I can see many rain marks as well in the forecast.  It would be lovely if we had more of 23C or 24C with sun but we seldom have that sort of weather, it’s either too cold to call it summer or too hot above 26C.  Still, as I often say, I’d rather this to long hot summer in Japan.  It rained some today for a short time and our garden looks better because of it.


So, the weather where we crave for cold food seems to be going, and the season for peaches is probably also going, so we had Cold Pasta With Peach & Parma Ham for our evening meal.  We used peaches, rocket leaves, Parma ham, shiso (as we have a lot in our garden), lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper.


We also had cheese & port after this as it was a light meal.





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