Lunch & Embroidery Gathering

昨日は久しぶりに刺繍の集まりがありました。夏休みはお忙しい方が多いので、2ヶ月ちょっとお休みでした。お隣のお友達と一緒にその前にアランデルの「 The Swan 」で軽いランチをしました。

There was an embroidery gathering yesterday.  It’s been more than 2 months since the last time as there is no gathering during the summer holiday because people are busy going away or looking after their grandchildren.  Before we started, I had lunch with my next door friend at “The Swan” in Arundel.


I had a sausage sandwich in focaccia, but I guess the staff in the kitchen changed, because the focaccia was buttered (probably with margarine) thickly, I never tasted that before.  I don’t like the taste of butter or margarine so I must remember to ask them not to use it next time.





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