Parham House & Gardens (House)

今日はお天気が良く、暑すぎず寒すぎず、特に用事もなかったので出かけることにしました。先日、ガーデンデザイナーさんがお茶にいらした時に Parham House & Gardens のことをお聞きし、我が家から近いこともあり(車で20分ほど)行ってみることにしました。

It was such lovely weather today, not too  hot, not too cold and we had nothing that we had to do, so we decided to go out.  When our garden designer came over for tea the other day, she mentioned Parham House & Gardens, which is only about 20 minutes by car from us.

Parham House はクイーンエリザベス1世時代の1577年に建設が始まり、1922年に現在の所有者の祖父が購入し40年かけて修復され、1948年から公開されているそうです。現在は Charitable Trust が所有していますが、1994年から今も Lady Emma Barnardさん御一家(ご主人と息子さん達)がお住まいだそうです。

Parham House’s  foundation stone was laid during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1577.  The great-grandparents of the family, who live in the house currently, bought the Estate in 1922. Over the next 40 years, they restored the house, which had been very run down, and opened it to visitors in 1948.  It is now owned by a Charitable Trust, and the family of Lady Emma Barnard (she, her husband and their sons) have lived here since 1994.

Parham Houseにはたくさんのタペストリーや刺繍が使われていたり飾られていました。

Parham House has a lot of tapestries and embroideries.


As there are so many photos, I’m going to post the photos of the house here but will put the photos of the gardens in another post.
















The bed cover, bed head, the ceiling and the fabric around the bed are all embroideries.



















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