Grilled Pork With Coriander Sauce With Vegetables & Bacon

今日の夕食は、昨日に引き続き、、La Table Enchantee の今月のズームレッスンで習ったお料理を作ってみました。「ポークグリル、野菜とベーコンの煮込み」。豚バラをスパイスなどでマリネしてオーブンで焼き、コリアンダー(パクチー)がたくさん入ったお野菜とベーコンを煮込んだソースと、一緒に焼いたニンニクやパプリカ、玉ねぎと一緒にいただきます。

Today’s dinner was “Grilled Pork With Coriander Sauce, Vegetables & Bacon”, which I learned at the La Table Enchantee Zoom lesson this month.  The Pork belly was marinaded with spices etc and served with a sauce made with a lot of coriander, vegetables & bacon.  The side dish was roasted garlic, pepper & onion.


Sadly, some part of the pork belly was quite strongly gamy.  We bought it from the butcher where we buy most meat, and they handle only good quality meat but pork belly from them has always been too gamy for me.  I also had trouble with being able to eat pork belly at restaurants, so I guess pork belly in England tends to be gamy.  There was some parts that were not gamy so I had what I could eat, my husband didn’t have any problem.  The sauce was delicious, so next time we’ll use pork shoulder or chicken.








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