Autumnal Pasta With Lots Of Vegetables And Spiced Salsiccia


It was grey and a bit chilly today, the highest temperature was only about 20C.  I guess we are really in autumn now.  The weather forecast changed again and it looks like we’ll get a few sunny days from tomorrow, which is lovely, then it’s not so good after that.


This year, our main holiday is to Japan and we are leaving on the 12th October, so it’s only a month away now.  We made the plan very early so it didn’t feel real for a long time, but now suddenly it does.  I am very looking forward to it of course but my husband has been saying how much he is looking forward to it much more often than I have.  The worry is Covid, a new variant seems to be spreading now and I really don’t want to be on a long flight at such a time…

さて、今日の夕食は、La Table Enchantee の今月のズームレッスンで習った「スパイスサルシッチャ入り、秋の野菜いっぱいトマトソースパスタ」。サルシッチャとありますがイタリア風というよりもエスニックな香り。スパイス大好きなのでレシピよりも多めに入れました。他にはお野菜ときのこがたっぷり、トマトも入ります。レシピにある栗は家になかったので省略しました。「クリームを入れても美味しいですよ。」とおっしゃっていたので、ほんの少し(大さじ2入れたか入れないか)だけクリームを加えました。パスタに絡むタイプのソースではなかったのでクリームを入れると少し絡んでくれて、いただきやすい気がします。とても美味しかったです!

Today’s dinner was a pasta dish I learned at the Zoom cooking class of La Table this month.  Autumnal Pasta With Lots Of Vegetables And Spiced Salsiccia.  Although it says ‘salsciccia’, its flavour is more ‘ethnic’ than Italian.  I love spices so I used more spices than the recipe.  The sauce has vegetables and a lot of mushrooms as well as tomatoes.   The recipe tells you to use some chestnuts but we didn’t have any so I didn’t use them.  The teacher said it’s good with a little cream so we added a little (less than 2 tablespoons).  As the sauce isn’t the type that clings to pasta, I feel cream makes it cling to the pasta more.  It was very tasty.









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