Chilli Con Carne (& Card Making Retreat)


It was a lovely day today again.  It looks like we’ll have a few more sunny days but it will get less sunny with some rain from the weekend next week.  We’ve had many sunny days recently, so it’s time for some unstable weather, I suppose.

「出来るだけ、冷凍庫のものを片付けよう」週間で、今日の夕食はチリ・コンカーニでした。わたしは今日は、Altenew というカード作り用品などのメーカー主催のカード作りのレッスンが1日続く「Cozy Comfort Retreat 2023」というのをお昼過ぎからずっと見ていて、途中ご飯は炊きましたが他は夫が用意してくれました。ありがとう〜♪ とても美味しかったです。

We are having “let’s have something from the freezer” campaign at the moment and had Chilli Con Carni tonight for dinner.  I was watching the Zoom live card making lessons of “Cosy Comfort Retreat 2023” run by Altenew so my husband prepared the dinner for us, although I did cook the rice.  It was yummy – thank you!



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