Carrot & Coriander Soup And Salad & Cheese


I had a message from my next door neighbour friend saying “Have you been enjoying the ‘summer’?  I’ve enjoyed working in the garden.”  I know this is called Indian Summer or a mini heatwave, but it seems too cold to call it so.  Apparently it was up to 24C in London but here it was only 22C max and once the sun starts to go down it gets quite chilly, even inside the house as the lowest outside temperature goes to 10C.  I suppose  it is a little unusually ‘warm’ for England this time of year but I cannot connect this chilly weather to the words like ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘heatwave’.  Not that I’m complaining, I don’t like hot weather so this is quite nice for me.  It looks like it’ll get cooler slowly from tomorrow and it’ll be down to 17C in a few days.



As we had a lot of carrots in the fridge, we made carrot & coriander soup again, using the Thermomix.  As the Thermomix will show you what to do step-by-step, and all you do is to put things in and push the button, it’s nice and easy.  My husband loves using any type of machines, so he happily made it, all I did was peeling and cutting carrots.  After soup we had a salad (tomato, onion, pear, salad leaves & rocket leaves) and cheese (Appenzeler and Brie de Meaux).  I imagine that typical Japanese men wouldn’t be satisfied with this sort of a meal but we actually love it and we find it quite satisfactory.  In fact, my husband said, “I wonder why we cannot have this type of meal in a cafe or restaurant, we would be happy.”  Yes, we can be satisfied with such a simple meal, not for some reason we are finding it difficult to find a meal we like here.






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