Lunch At Motte & Bailey In Arundel

今日は2週間に1度の刺繍の集まりがあったので、お隣のお友達とアランデルで軽いランチをご一緒してから集まりに参加しました。ランチは、いつもは「The Swan」というパブに行っていましたが、今日はたまには違うところでということで、「Motte & Bailey」というカフェでいただきました。

Today, there was a gathering of the embroidery group I belong to, which is held every 2 weeks, so I had a light lunch with my next door neighbour in a cafe in Arundel.  We usually go to the Swan but today we went to a cafe “Motte & Bailey”.

お友達は、トーストの上にスモークサーモンとポーチドエッグが乗った「Eggs Royale 」、わたしはベーコン、アボカド、トマトのトースティー。

My friend had Eggs Royale and I had a Bacon, Avocado, Tomato Toastie.




In the embroidery group, we are working on a group project of embroidering the sketches/paintings of Arundel made by an artist.  I tried to tell them that I have very little experience with embroidery and don’t feel capable of joining, but they persuaded me to join by telling me that everyone can do stem stitches.  Not true!  I find it very hard to stitch straight and also the sketch I chose looked easy but in fact is quite difficult because it’s very detailed with fine lines.  The embroidery floss I was given is much too thick for the fine lines, so I cannot help but changing some or omitting some lines (we are allowed to), but it’s still very difficult.  I haven’t experienced stiff shoulders for quite a while but this is giving me quite bad ones.


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