French Patisserrie Lesson (Quiche Broccoli Et Camembert And Verrines Cacahuete)


It was a lovely day today again.  Although some rain is expected on Thursday and Friday (though we’ll be off to our holiday on Thursday), it’s forecasted to be sunny for the following whole week!  However the temperature will drop quite a lot and this weekend the highest temperature is expected to be 14C and the lowest 2C.  What?  2C??  Wow, already winter…  Fortunately, it’s still around 20C in Kobe, where we will be for a month, just the right sort of temperature, not too hot, not too cold.  This was what I hoped for when we decided when to go back to Japan.  As we are leaving on Thursday, I’m feeling quite unsettled at the moment.


さて、今日は、今月日ズームによるEcole Chez Haru のフランス菓子のレッスンでした。今日は生徒がわたしだけだったので、レッスン中にあれこれ先生とキャッチアップも出来て、楽しかったです。時間も2時間半と早めに終わりました。


* ブロッコリーとカマンベールのキッシュ
* ピーナッツのグラスデザート

I had a French baking class of “Ecole Chez Haru” on Zoom.  I was the only student today, so we chatted quite a lot during the lesson and did some catch up, which was lovely.  The lesson was on the short side as well, 2 and a half hours.

I learned how to make :

  • Broccoli and Camembert Quiche
  • Glass dessert of peanuts


I haven’t take photos of the quiche, but we’ll be having one for tonight’s supper so I’ll take a photo then.


Here is the glass dessert of peanuts.  Peanut butter flavoured panna cotta on the bottom, then crumble with cinnamon, then chocolate bavarois, then peanut brittle.  We had one each with tea earlier, it was lovely.



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