French Patisserrie Lesson (Quiche Broccoli Et Camembert) – Supper tonight

今日の夕食は、先ほどアップしたポストにある、Ecole Chez Haru フランス菓子教室のズームレッスンで焼いた「ブロッコリーとカマンベールのキッシュ」とサラダでした。

Today’s supper was the “Broccoli & Camembert Quiche” that I baked this afternoon at the “Ecole Chez Haru” French Baking Zoom Lesson with a salad.


As this is a French style, it’s very deep, probably almost double the depth of typical English quiches.  There must’ve been a crack on the shell because some apareille leaked and made a mark around the shell.  Although this pastry with some whole meal flour  is very tasty it breaks easily and is quite difficult to handle.  If I spend too much time trying to cover the area well it gets very soft and breaks, too.  Anyway, I’m glad the leakage was very little.


To be honest, I’m not that fond of quiche.  I sometimes order it in a cafe or a pub if I cannot find anything else I want, but usually the quiche pastry is soggy or powdery or heavy, not so enjoyable, and the filling is too creamy or cheesy for me.  However I really enjoyed this quiche!  Of course it has an advantage of being freshly baked and the pastry is nice and crispy but it is also nutty and tasty because of the content of wholemeal flour.  I expected the filling to be heavier with lots of Camembert cheese but I didn’t find it very heavy, I guess because I like Camembert, it was very tasty.  For us a half each with a nice large salad was just right (my husband’s portion was bigger than mine).  We used Le Rustique Camembert and Tender Stem Broccoli rather than ordinary broccoli.  I thought it might’ve been easier to use ordinary broccoli as you can chop it in larger pieces, it was quite tedious to put all the chopped tender stem broccoli in the pastry.  It also has some bacon in the filling.  With cheese and bacon I didn’t put in much salt and it was just right.


In the salad, I used tomato, onion, grapes (cotton candy), cucu,ber, salad leaves & rocket.  Apple or pear would have been nice addition and gone well with the quiche.








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