Pasta Bake


There was a time today when the sun came out but it was cloudy or raining for most of the day.  It looks like it’s going to be similar tomorrow.


My jet lag is still pretty bad, though I think my husband’s is better.  I’m happy that I can get up early without problem but I get so sleepy in the afternoon and by dinner time I just want to sleep.  We did somehow manage to cook dinner together and had it.  We defrosted the ragu with vegetables and a lot of mushrooms that we had frozen some time ago, mixed it with cooked pasta, poured on white sauce, sprinkled with some cheese, and baked it until nice and brown.  My husband made the white sauce.  We usually have a salad on the side but I just could not be bothered…






I would have loved to go to bed straight after dinner but I’m trying to keep awake a bit longer…



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