Chicken Forrestier


Both my husband and I are still in the “don’t want to cook” mode, I don’ t know how long this is going to last but we are planning to try to cook from Monday.  So, we bought the set of £12 deal of Gastro Pub series from Marks & Spencer’s when we went out.  The main was Chicken Forrestier, the side was Potato Boulangerie  The potato was a bit too dry but chicken was nice and moist and tasty.


My husband suggested that he will cook dinners on Saturdays like he used to when he was working.  As I’m the one who normally decides the menu, it’s almost always my repertoire and I either don’t have a written recipe or follow a recipe written in Japanese, which means my husband can only be ‘an assistant’, which isn’t satisfactory for him.  I have no objection!  So today he prepared the dinner.





I thought I was feeling relatively ‘normal’ today, that foggy feeling seems to be gone.  However, around 7:00pm, I got so sleepy again and am still.  I guess it’ll take a bit longer to get rid of the jet lag.


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