Sandwich At A Cafe In John Lewis, Chichester


We went to John Lewis near Chichester to get a heater, the first time we went out together after we got back to England.  Earlier this year, probably in spring, a little heater I was using at my feet broke down so we wanted to get a new one.  My Craft Room gets warm enough with the under floor heating if it’s not too cold, but when it’s really cold it’s not enough and I need something extra.  I can use the air-conditioning unit but I prefer something at my feet rather than getting warm air on my face so I had been using the little heater more often.  My husband set up the new one so I can turn it on by saying “Hey Google, heater on!”  It’s keeping me nice and warm.


As we were going to be there, we had a light lunch in their café.  My husband had Tuna Sandwich and I had “Vegetable Toasty”.  I had to look for the ‘vegetables’, I guess it’s the red cabbage cooked with sugar and vinegar and some sort of spice that they call ‘vegetable’.  There are a few bits of green, too.  Maybe spinach?  I thought it tasted good at first but it was too sweet to have this much quantity.




We were a bit early, I think it was before 11:30, but there was already a long queue in the cafe and there were only 2 staff in the kitchen, so the queue was moving very slowly.   I could see my husband was getting impatient so I sent a message to him from the table saying ” You have to get back to English pace!”  You would think they would put more staff on a Saturday but they wouldn’t.  A while later a manager came and realised how long the queue was and brought in another staff.  When you come back from Japan, the staff of restaurants and cafes look like they are moving in slow motion and that doesn’t change when the queue is long or a lot of people are waiting.  In Japan, staff move very fast, often run.  English people are so patient, nobody gets irritated when a queue doesn’t move.  I suppose it’s always been this way for them since they were born so this is normal.  English people are the best customers, very patient and nobody complains.  I wouldn’t choose them on the side of serving, though.


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