Garden Update


Yesterday, we were watching TV after tea and crumpets and we both fell asleep.  We woke up at night and then went to bed.  Although I woke up a few times during the night/early morning, it was 7:30am when I actually got up and took a shower so I probably slept 12 hours at least.


It was quite nice weather yesterday but has been raining again today.  It’s forecasted to rain tomorrow and the day after but cloudy on Tuesday then cloud with sun for the following few days.  I don’t know if it’s to do with the rain or not but I’m feeling a little down probably mainly because our big event this year, which was a month’s holiday in Japan, has now gone.  Also probably because the weather was so fabulous in Japan, the contrast of that and this English weather is huge.  When we moved to England I was so happy that we got away from that hot and humid weather of Singapore I didn’t really care if it was cold or rainy but after a few years, I now sometimes feel a bit down when it rains a lot.  I’m sure I’ll be fine soon.


I took a few photos of our back garden because it looked lovely and autumnal when the sun was out yesterday.







However, the flower beds are full of wet fallen leaves.  Unless it gets a little drier I cannot even collect them, I hope we’ll have a few days of good weather soon so I can get on with gardening.  We’ll also have to mulch the gardens soon (we are hoping our gardener can do it this year), too.



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