Left-Over Dinner


It was very dark and grey today with rain now and again.  The days are now very short in England, the sunrise is about 07:30 and sunset about 4:10pm.  When the weather isn’t good it actually starts to get dark around 3:00pm.


Finally, I felt OK in the afternoon although I started to feel sleepy by dinnertime, so my jet lag is slowly going away,  I even did some ironing today!  I usually do ironing at night but since we got back I haven’t had ‘nights’ as I’ve been going bed very early so the ironing pile has been getting higher.  My husband did do some, which was great, but there was still a lot to do so I really had to get on with it.  There is still quite a lot left, though.


Today’s dinner was the left-over from last night – Pasta Bake.  I did’t eat much yesterday so there was quite a lot still left.  We also made a salad today.




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