“Spanish Pork” Combined With “Pork With Zucchini”


I thought it was going to be grey all day but we did see some sunshine now and again, which was nice.


Yesterday I thought my jet lag was going, but it came back!  I felt so sleepy in the afternoon.  Not that I work or have any appointments so I could have slept but as I feel I’m not tired any longer if I sleep during the day I probably cannot sleep at night so I managed to keep awake and do some ironing.  2 sets of bedding (super king size so they are quite cumbersome) plus a few other items.  Now only a few tablecloths are left.  It’s been a week since we came back so I hope my jet lag will go soon.


I know I wrote we’ll try to cook properly from Monday but that hasn’t happened.  Still not in the mood!  So we defrosted “Spanish Pork” and “Pork With Zucchini”(but no pork was in it) from the freezer and put them together because I thought the “Spanish Pork” didn’t look enough, but once they got defrosted and put in a pan there was actually more than we thought.  So there is still a little left but I’ll use it as a base of a curry or something.  Food always look smaller quantity when they are in a Tupperware.  Anyway, it was very good.




We bought Chocolate Fondant from Marks & Spencer’s when we bought their Gastro Pub Series dinner set and we hadn’t had it so we shared one and had it with ice cream.  Although it wasn’t particularly sweet it was very chocolaty and I couldn’t finish it until my husband made an espresso for me.


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