Big Birthday Holiday




I’ve been meaning to start a new blog because I wasn’t so happy with the maximum size of the photos you can upload on my old blog, but Ihaven’t had time to work out how to set up a new one.  Now the old blog’s capacity for photo storage has reached the maximum so I decided to start this new one – although I haven’t really figured out how to make it to the way I like yet.  I’ll work on it as I go along.







My first posting is about our very special holiday in Marrakesh we had earlier this month.  This was a holiday to celebrate my husband’s big birthday which was actually in July this year.  As Marrakesh would have been too hot in July we delayed the trip until November, when it’s less hot.

This was our first time to be in Marrakesh – and our first time to have such a holiday (with many friends who don’t know each other).  There were many factors that could have gone wrong, but nothing did and we are so glad we had such a fantastic holiday with our good friends.  The villa we rented was fantastic, the staff lovely, friendly and helpful.  All our friends got on very well together and seemed to be having a good time.

We loved Marrakesh, which is such a special, charming and energetic city, but it was our friends who made it so extra special.  I am so thankful that we had such an opportunity.  We’ve had quite a tough year for various reasons and we needed something to lift our spirits.  I’m also so happy that I made my husband so happy!

I’ll be posting a lot more about the holiday but here are some photos of Marrakesh and Essaouira.







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