Food Tour 3 (Marrakesh)


The last stop of the Food Tour was a fresh juice and sweet shop.  With the influence of France they do have French pastries but what we had was Moroccan sweets.  To be honest, they aren’t my favourite.






Before we got to the juice and sweet shop, we were also taken to a neighbourhood bakery, where local people take bread dough to have it baked because they don’t have an oven at home.  The people putting the loaves in and out of the big oven know which breads belong to which family from the patterns of the kitchen towels.  They also bake for restaurants.  It was very hot in front of the oven – it must be tough job in a hot country like Morocco.



All these places were in the souk so we walked in those narrow crowded streets with lots of motorbikes, donkeys etc etc.  You really have to be very careful when you walk there as the motorbikes don’t seem to slow down much.




So, this is it about the Food Tour we took.  It was full of interesting information, good food and fun, and we really enjoyed it. It was a very hot day (well, it was hot during the day for the whole week we were in Morocco) so we felt a little tired after the 3.5 hours of the tour (and very full as well) but was well worth it.  It was also lovely to spend a good half day with our friends.


Marrakesh Food Tour





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