Hakkasan (London)


After we got back from Marrakesh, we stayed in London for 3 nights.  We had left one of our suitcases at our hotel while we were in Morocco.  The display of the flowers had been changed while we were away.


マラケシュから戻った日は、Mayfairにある Hakkasan というお洒落なモダン中華料理のレストランに予約を入れていました。シンガポールでほとんど中華に行かないのにロンドンでなぜと思われそうですが(笑)、 ロンドンのモダン中華は雰囲気も楽しめるので夫も嫌がりません。シンガポールの中華は、いかにも中華なインテリアのところがほとんどなので嫌がられてしま うのです。ここもミシュランの星が1つついています。ロンドンでは美味しいと評判のお店。

On the day we got back from Marrakesh we had dinner at Hakkasan in Mayfair – it’s a modern and fashionable Chinese, which has a Michelin star.  People may think it’s strange that we go to a Chinese restaurant in London but my husband doesn’t like Chinese food very much, especially when the restaurant is a typical Chinese looking one.  However he doesn’t seem to mind these modern Chinese in London.  They are very nicely decorated and have a lovely atmosphere.


The main door and the logo outside was so subtle that you would have missed the entrance quite easily if you were not careful.  It was a weekday but very busy and lively with lots of people who looked nicely dressed.



We ordered Vegetable Spring Rolls, Gyoza, Mapo Dofu, Sweet & Sour Pork  and Stir-Fried Morning Glory.  Both my husband and I like these dishes.



The spring rolls tasted a little strange, it’s probably the mushrooms that I didn’t like, some mushrooms can smell strange to me.



I like gyoza to be more crispy outside but they tasted very good.



The Mapo Dofu wasn’t what I thought of at all, I don’t know what sort of style it is because Szechuan Mapo Dofu isn’t like this.  It was quite sweet, which surprised me.  However, it did taste good even though it was unlike what I was having no of as Mapo Dofu, so we didn’t mind.



Sweet & Sour Pork was a big hit, the pork was very crispy but tender and juicy inside, the balance of sweet and sour was just right to us and we really enjoyed it.



Morning glory was also good.



Of course we ordered too much for just two of us, but you need a variety of dishes when you eat Chinese.  The atmosphere is good, the food is good – we liked the place.


Hakkasan Mayfair
17 Bruton Street

General enquiries or reservations
+44 (0)20 7907 1888


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