Sri Lankan Dinner at Amangalla (Galle)


We took a tuk tuk (about 15 minutes) in the rain to get to Amangalla in the Galle old town for dinner.  Their Christmas tree was a little strange – I’ve never seen such a strange tree before, maybe a Sri lankan tree?  I love those flowers on the tables, I don’t know what they are called in English but they are one of my favourites.





We had traditional Sri Lankan Rice & Curry set.  8 different curry & sambal with 2 kinds of rice.  Apart from Tuna curry, I was able to have everything – beet, pumpkin, okra, potato, chicken, daal curries and coconut sambal.  I particularly loved okra and coconut sambal (it tasted of lime).





The treacle pudding was much too sweet for me but the coconut icecream was very nice.




Then we took a tuk tuk again to get back.  The rain had stopped and it felt very cool – well I can even say it was actually chilly.  I was afraid of being very hot in Sri Lanka but so far it’s been much more comfortable than Singapore.  The temperature isn’t very different but it’s not as humid so it gets very cool in the evenings and even during the day it feels comfortable enough in the shade.



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