Hotels in Sri Lanka





We knew our first resort hotel in Sri Lanka wasn’t going to be very good because there just wasn’t any good hotel in the location but we were hoping that our 2nd hotel was going to be much nicer – but it turned out to be only a little better.  The photos on their site were obviously taken with a very wide lens, our room feels claustrophobic with chairs and a huge frame over the bed in a small room, we cannot even open the wardrobe properly because of the fabric dangling from the frame, we took the chairs outside and put the fabric over the top of the frame so there is more room and it is easier to move around. Also everything seems to be made cheaply – and not attractively.  Although it’s not the most expensive hotel, it’s not cheap.   When you pay this much (US550 per night) you can stay at quite a nice hotel in Bali.

When I searched hotels in Sri Lanka, I did have a very strong feeling that we won’t be happy with the quality of them but I was hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised – it’s worse than our expectation. We didn’t want to spend too much on hotels on this holiday because we’d just had an expensive holiday but if we’d known it was going to be this bad we would have stayed in Amangalla.

I think Sri Lanka isn’t somewhere you come to enjoy the time in hotels, it’s a place to go and see the sights and culture.  Unfortunately it’s too hot for me to do any sight-seeing.

However, the staff is friendly and the manager is very helpful and gives us lots of information we need, which is great.  I think also that this is not specially a bad hotel, it’s just that hotels in Sri Lanaka are expensive for what they are (because we foreigners have to pay a lot more than the locals).


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