Picnic At Home


My husband and I feel that  having a dinner together is very important as that’s when we talk a lot and also we believe what we eat is important so we do have our meals at the dining table most of the time.  However, now and again, we don’t feel very hungry or we don’t want to cook.  That’s when we would have ham, cheese & nice French bread at the coffee table while we watch a DVD and call it “Picnic”.  It feels a little naughty – because we don’t believe having a meal watching a TV/DVD should be a habit – and also something fun when we call it so.  This happens only a few times a year and we enjoy it when we do.


As we had a big Christmas dinner at lunch time we didn’t want to have anything much so we had this “picnic” (there was a lot of cheese left from the Christmas party I had before we left for Sri Lanka so we needed to have some of them) in the evening while we watched the last Christmas episode of Downton Abbey.  We are very sad that that’ll be the last pisode of the series because we enjoyed them so much, but I’m pleased that it was a very nice happy ending!!






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