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Although we usually go out on Fridays, we couldn’t think of any restaurant we wanted to go to, so I suggested Pizza and my husband was happy. He’s asked me a few times recently to make Pizza but I kept forgetting to make the dough on the day before.  This pizza base isn’t authentic Napolitana pizza dough but it is very good – a recipe my friend in Japan gave me.  She also introduced me to a Japanese portable Pizza Oven that I bought in Japan and brought all the way to Singapore. This of course means that we need to use a power transformer to convert the voltage down from 24o to 100V.




I was making a pizza smoothly and it was working well but after it puffed up in the oven it was taking forever to colour – when I checked I realised that the heat wasn’t on any more!  Although it wasn’t coloured nicely yet it was cooked enough so we decided to eat the first pizza then investigate the oven.

After trying this and that, we discovered it was the transformer that had broken, not the oven.  We have another transformer that wasn’t being used so we connected the oven to that, but that one didn’t work either!  So we used the transformer in the kitchen and cooked the 2nd pizza there. ( We have quite a few Japanese and American appliances, hence the number of transformers around the house).

The last time when we made Okonomi-yaki using our Japanese hot plate, it stopped working and we assumed it was the hot plate that had broken but it was actually the transformer, we now realise.  The transformer in the kitchen is nearly 30 years old (bought in Japan) but the other two are less than 10 years old (bought in Singapore).  It’s true that Japanese electric appliances tend to have much longer lives.


The 1st pizza was tomato, mozzarella, chorizo, onion & basil.  A half of the 2nd one is the same as the 1st one and the other half was Stilton, caramelised onion, walnut and honey.  Both very nice but the 2nd one was of course nicer as it was cooked in a hotter oven for a little longer.












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