Bouquet Lesson


I took a lesson to make a bouquet this morning with my friend.  It’s the same teacher who taught me how to make a Christmas Wreath last month – I’m planning to take a lesson once a month.  I’ve taken a lesson on how to make a bouquet ages ago – once about 15 years ago in Hong Kong and a few lessons in London about 10 years ago.  It’s one of those things that you need to practice.  I learned a few new things today, too.



After making a bouquet, the teacher wraps it for you – very pretty.




These photos were taken at a bus stop while I was waiting for a bus home.









Tulips get longer quickly so we need to think how much they’ll grow – they are cut short now for that reason but will come out tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.  Tulips are easy to break – I cut 2 of the stems by mistake while I was trying to cut just the leaves and also 1 when I was making the bouquet….





ミモザの花はアレルギーが出やすいそうなので少し心配ですが、やっぱりお家にお花が(いつもの蘭ではないお花が 笑)あるのは良いものです。春らしいですね。

Mimosa can give bad allergy reaction so I’m a little worried about that, but it’s so nice to have some flowers that are not orchids!  Looks very spring-like.







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