Soup & Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.  As we often eat too much over weekends, I often cook Soup & Salad on Monday.  (I thought it was Monday when I was writing this post…)


Today’s soup was lentils and vegetable soup.  Onion, celery, carrot, lentil, tin tomato.






Salad was one of my favourite salads (and many of my firends’, too).  Chicken breast  (marinaded in garlic, lemon juice & oiive oil, then seared in a frying pan and finished off in the oven), avocado, mango, lettuce leaves, mint, coriander leaves, toasted almond slices.  I think the almond slices make it especially moriesh.





It looks a huge amount as the plate is big, but it’s actually not that large.  1.5 chicken breast, 1 avocado, and 1 mango for the two of us as the main course.




ノーアルコール月間は真面目に続けています。そのおかげで夫は体重が週1キロくらいずつ減っているそうです。わたしはアルコールを飲まないくらいでは変わらないので(普段からそれほど飲んでもいないので。。。というとお友達からはクレームが来そうですが 笑)パンを食べる量をなるべく少なくと気をつけているのですが、わたしが食べない分夫が食べているような。。。(笑)。それでも毎週1キロ減っているって、どれほどアルコールを飲んでいたんでしょう(笑)。そういうほどでもないとは思うのですが、週に5、6日飲んでいましたからね。酔うほど飲んでいるのは見たことがありませんが、ワイン1本開けるとわたしが1杯くらいしか飲まないのに空けてしまうことが多かったので、まぁちょっと量が多かったでしょうね。2月以降は飲まないとまではいかなくとも、少し減らしてくれと安心です。

We’re still sticking with  “Dry January”.  My husband is losing  about 1 kg a week!  I guess he was drinking quite a lot – not a huge amount but I suppose drinking 5 or 6 days a week (I tried to make a non-alcoholic day one or two days a week) is quite a lot specially now I drink only a glass of wine and he tends to finish the rest if we open a bottle.  Not a big difference to my weight so far even though I’ve been trying to have less bread as well as not drinking – my husband is eating more bread because I don’t eat as much and he is still losing weight!  I don’t think we’ll stop drinking altogether but hopefully he’ll drink less now that we are out of the habit.




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