Lunch at “Terra” (Tokyo Italian)

先日ディナーに伺った Seitaシェフの新しいお店 Terra に今日はお友達とランチに伺いました。大抵のお店がそうですが、ランチタイムは断然お得な、前菜、パスタ、デザートでS$42(++)のコースがあるので、そのコースをいただきました。お友達の前菜は、北海道のホタテ。お野菜は山芋も入っていたそうです。

I had lunch with a couple of friends at “Terra” today because I liked it when I tried it with my husband for dinner.  We chose the lightest course – starter, pasta, dessert.  The starter for my friends were Hokkaido Scallop (with some vegetables including Yamaimo).



Mine was Burrata with Parma Ham and Japanese tomato (, which was hidden under the ham).  To be honest, almost every Italian restaurant has Burrata cheese so it’s not special at all and I’m a bit fed up with it but I suppose I cannot complain as they usually serve Hokkaido scallops.  The Japanese tomatoes were sensationally delicious – quite sour but sweet at the same time and very strongly flavoured.



I forgot to take a photo of my friends’ pasta but they chose Sea Urchin pasta (S$10 supplement).  My pasta was Beef Ragu.  I found the beef a little gamy but I do love their homemade pasta texture.



The dessert was Chocolate Mousse with berries – with some Yuzu.




Although the portions were not very big, by the end of the dessert we felt comfortably full.  We also had tea/coffee that wasn’t included in the course, a bottle of sparking water and also a bottle of white wine.  With the supplement for the sea urchin pasta, my friends paid about S$90 and I paid about S$78.

Even though the lunch was enjoyable, I felt the omakase course (which you can choose at lunch time as well) was much more enjoyable – but it is a lot more expensive.  It’s hard to decide which I like better considering the price difference.



54 Tras Street
Tel: 6221-5159






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