Nanbantei (Kushiyaki)


We went to Nanbantei for dinner today with my husband’s brother and his wife.  I chose it because Kushiyaki is something they probably don’t get a chance to have in Windsor, where they live, and it’s not expensive.


First you get some raw vegetables with Miso.  Then we ordered Edamame, Asparagus wrapped with pork, Pork belly with Yuzu Kosho, Gyoza, Negima, Chicken fillet with plum sauce and shiso leaves, Nanbantei-yaki (beef with gingery sauce) and Sweet corn.  We had 6 small bottles of beer between 4 of us.  The food came very quickly one after another so we didn’t drink much – I think I should have ordered a few dishes at a time, so we could pace our dinner better.  We had a very late lunch, and had some cake at tea time so we probably didn’t eat as much as usual – but we were quite full when we finished everything.


This is my third time to be at Nambantei but I don’t think I’ve seen any Japanese customers there.  I wonder if it’s not very popular amongst Japanese because it’s not posh enough or they don’t serve special seafood or sushi that Japanese tend to like.  Personally, it think it’s quite a good restaurant for a casual dinner as the food is good (nothing special but good for an everyday meal) and very reasonably priced.  We paid about S$100 for a couple.

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It was raining a little when we left home for dinner but when we came out of the restaurant the rain had got very heavy, so we didn’t think we’d be able to get a taxi quickly.  However, fortunately, we did get one in a few minutes via the phone.


We got home relatively early, around 9.00pm, so we watched 2 episodes of “Elementary” (American drama series that presents a contemporary update of Sherlock Homes).  Each episode is about 45 minutes, I think, so we have been watching 2 episodes a night.  It moves quickly and is quite funny.  The nice thing is that there are so many episodes to watch, unlike most British drama series.  We may get tired of it but we’ll see…  So far, we have been enjoying the series.




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