Cauliflower Soup and Quinoa & Chicken Salad



It’s a “Soup & Salad” day today.  I made a cauliflower soup with curry flavour; the recipe came from a friend who runs a cooking class in Japan. Because I haven’t been able to attend this particular class in person there were some things that weren’t very easy to guess.  It looks like I cut the cauliflower pieces too large – next time I need to chop them smaller – but also the one I used must’ve been a lot bigger than one she uses in Japan.  I do have a feeling that in Japan vegetables are much smaller in general.  So, the soup was more like a dip when it was done.  I added extra liquid (almost double) and salt and it tasted very good but it was still a little too thick.  Next time, I’ll use half of a cauliflower and chop it small!

The cauliflower before liquidiser was also very tasty and I thought it would be great with rice so I kept some for my little lunch tomorrow.









The salad was Chicken and Quinoa Salad.  There is some avocado with the salad leaves as well.  The dressing is made with raspberry vinegar and chicken was cooked my usual way of marinading, cooking in a pan and finishing it off in the oven.




Having had a big lunch, too much food today!






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