Dinner with friends at Nanbantei


My husband left for his business trip – to Phuket!  You would think how lovely but he wasn’t happy to go.  I suppose we are sort of “beach resorted out” by now.  We could have made it into a long weekend holiday but I’m away to Japan then to Sicily soon so I didn’t want to go away – bad timing for us.  At least it’s a very short flight.


So I went out for dinner with a couple of friends.  I have some friends who are always busy at lunch time so I try to meet them in the evening when my husband is away to catch up.  We went to Nanbantei for kushiyaki (yakitori).  A friend once told me she never thinks of going to a yakitori place because she doesn’t think she can find enough things to eat, which surprised me.  I personally find lots of things to eat…


Pork with Yuzu-pepper, Asparagus with pork, Shiso with pork, Special Tsukune (mince chicken kebab), Gyoza, potato salad and fried rice with Takana (pickled vegetable).  I forgot to take a photo but we also had Nanbanyaki (beef) on a stick.  They also gave us a small bowl of a dessert – sweet aduki beans with shiratama.

















We had a jug of draft beer to share then a glass of Yuzu-Umeshu with soda each and the bill was S$60, which seems good value.  I was completely full and everything was good.  It’s not the level of special yakitori restaurants in Japan but it’s not bad and all tastes good.

We talked, laughed, ate, drank and had a great evening (but we were frozen because the aircon was just so strong, we we glad to be defrosted when we went outside).






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