Thai Lunch Again


Just when I wrote that the rainy season seems to have finally gone, we are having very heavy rain for many hours a day again!  It rains so heavily here, you would get soaked even when you have an umbrella, then gets freezing cold when you get on a bus or a taxi with strong aircon.


Yesterday I started having problem with internet at home in the evening.  I also had a problem with photo editing software so I wasn’t able to blog my lunch.  My husband came back from Phuket very late at night and then spent hours fixing the problem.  Poor him!

Boutique Fair にご一緒したお友達とフェアーの後、タングリンモールのタイ料理レストランでランチをしました。わたしはつい先日行ったばかりですがお友達が行かれたことがないとのことで行ってみたいとのこと(事情があってタングリンモールが便利良かったので)、わたしはタイ料理大好きなので続いても全然平気なので快諾。

Anyway, I went to the same Thai restaurant in Tanglin Mall for lunch yesterday as a few days ago because this friend I went to Boutique Fair had never been there and wanted to try and Tanglin Mall was a good place for both of us.  I really don’t mind having the same food even two days in a raw when it’s Thai food as I really love it.


We ended up ordering 3 of the same dishes as the other day – Thai beef salad (the presentation is very different but apparently the same dish), olive rice and stir-fried morning glory.  We tried just one dish that I’d never ordered before – chicken with curry sauce.












We didn’t like the chicken with curry sauce so much but the rest was as good as always and my friend loved it, too.


The Amex card promotion gives us 40% discount on Mondays and Tuesdays but 15% on other days (I’m not completely sure if they have a day they don’t give any, please check with them) right now on a la carte food.  We had tea/coffee after the meal (but no dessert yesterday) and it was about S$90 for 2 of us, which happened to be the same as the other day.




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