Another Strange Recipe (Gorgonzola & Peach Pasta)

今日夫が夕食に選んだレシピは、昨日と同じ。「Eating in with James Martin」という料理本の中から Linguine with Roast Figs and Herbs (ロースト無花果とハーブのリングイーニ)。最後にその料理本の写真をアップしますが、無花果に生ハムを巻いて生ハムがカリッとするまでオーブンでローストしたものを、ゴルゴンゾーラ(ドルチェ)と生クリームのソースのリングイーニの上にごろんとのせています。しかも、ボールに入っています。これって、いったいどうやって食べろと言うのでしょう?たまにレストランでもナイフとフォークで食べなくてはいけないものをボールに入れて出してくるところがありますがとっても食べにくいですし、しかもパスタの上に乗っている生ハムで巻いたまるごと無花果を切りながら食べるなんて、考えられません。

My husband chose a recipe from the same book he used yesterday – “Eating in with James Martin” – for dinner tonight.  The recipe he chose is Linguine with Roast Figs and Herbs.  They didn’t have any figs in the supermarket so I suggested to use peaches instead (doughnut peach).  However, when I saw the photo of this recipe I told him that we should not follow the recipe – because how are you supposed to eat a whole fig wrapped in parma ham (roasted in the oven) put on top of linguine in a bowl??  Has this chef actually tried it??  Do you cut the fig on top of the pasta??  No way!

What I suggested was to cut the peaches (if we had figs I would have suggested the same) and lightly cook it it a sautee pan and mix it with the pasta.  Same for parma ham, just rip it and mix it with the pasta.  We also crisped up some of the parma ham to put on top so you get a bit of crunch.  (I was going to suggest some roasted sliced almonds but forgot – it would have added an extra dimension. )  Peach and mint go together very well and blue cheese and peach also go together so we thought it should work.  I helped him cook a little but he did most of the cooking and it came out really nicely. 







レシピでは1人100グラムのリングイーニとなっていますが、ブルーチーズと生クリームのパスタは重いので2人で130gにしてみました。結果、多すぎるくらい でした。ブルーチーズと生ハム、桃は合いますし、ハーブのミントも桃に合いますので美味しかったです。ただ、やはりわたしたちには重すぎるので次回は白ワ インを増やしてクリームはダブルクリームではなく軽めのクリームで作ろうと思います。ハーブがたっぷり入っているのはヘビーなブルーチーズと生クリームのソースを少し軽くしてくれてグッドアイデアだと思います。

In the recipe, you use 100g linguine per person but we used 130g for 2 of us because we find cream sauce often very heavy – and it was still too much.  It was very nice but we found it very heavy so we would add extra white wine and maybe a little water or stock, or use single cream instead of double cream next time.  It’s a good idea to use a lot of herbs because it makes the heavy cream sauce a little lighter.


This is the photo of the recipe in the book.  You tell me how you can eat whole figs with the ends attached placed on top of pasta in a bowl.  The chef thinks this is very sexy – well, it may look sexy if you just look at it, but eating it won’t be very sexy!




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