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I took a morning flight from Osaka to Singapore on Cathay – transiting in Hong Kong.  When I did the transit on my way up to Osaka with my husband it was at something like 2.00am so outside was completely dark and I was very tired but this time it was during the day so I was looking out at the mountains, thinking of my friends in Hong Kong and having that feelings Japanese call “natsukashii” – nostalgic feelings.

When I went to a rubbish bin to throw away some rubbish, there was a Chinese lady standing next to me and as I was putting the rubbish in the bin, this lady (well, a woman) suddenly made that horrible sound in her throat and spat out some gunge into the bin.  Wow!  It’s been a while since I saw that happen right near me!  It used to shock me in Hong Kong.

Then I went back to the waiting area and sat down again on a chair at the end of a row and began typing some messages in the Line application on my iPhone. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by about 5 Chinese men talking on top of their voices (even though they were right next to each other around me) just as if they didn’t see me.

I have lots of lovely memories in Hong Kong but these things are what I don’t miss, I must say.



Usually, I take Singapore Airlines, which arrives while my husband is still working, but today’s flight on Cathay arrived later in the evening so my husband was waiting for me at the gate. In Hong Kong we had a car so he used to come and get me at the airport (with flowers!) but here we don’t have a car and I come back at wrong times, so he seldom comes to the airport.  It was unexpected and a lovely surprise.



We had Cheese Fondue at home for dinner.  It’s so nice to be home.



This is the first photo I upload to my blog that was taken by my new camera – the Canon 80D.  I think it’s a lot clearer than those taken with my old camera.





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