Day 11 in Sicily / Dinner / Taormina


On the day we arrived in Taormina, we had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.  The lunch we had there was quite good and also we felt too lazy to go down to the main street again in the evening.  I now regret that we didn’t eat in Taormina more.


We shared a cheese platter.  It was 3 hard cheeses – and I don’t like hard cheeses in general so I was very disappointed.  However, one was more like a semi-hard young Ragusano cheese, which I enjoyed.  One was, I think, aged Pecorino, that I also enjoyed.  I cannot remember what the other one was but I wasn’t keen on it so my husband had both of the pieces.




My husband had Veal Scallopini.




I had meat ball wrapped with lemon leaves because I thought it was very Sicilian.  I didn’t enjoy it so much… a little too heavily seasoned for me and also a bit one dimensional.




The side dish was simply grilled aubergine and courgette.




We shared one order of Cannoli – 3 mini cannoli.  These were delicious!  We had quite a few cannoli while we were in Sicily and enjoyed them all, but these were very special.  The shell was so crunchy and not oily at all.  All the others were good, too, but I could always smell the oil from the shells, but not from these.  The filling was also very good but it was the shell that I adored.  I wish they lasted long enough so we could bring them home.


The staff told us that they fry the shells in the morning so they would be very dry, and fill them with the filling only after an order is placed.  I wish I could eat them right now!!





I wasn’t very happy with their main dishes but these Cannoli were out of this world (and I seldom use this expression – but they really were).



Hotel Villa Ducale
via Leonardo da Vinci 60
98039, Taormina, Sicily





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