Gyoza Dinner


Today’s dinner was Gyoza.  I use a recipe from a TV programme – it’s only in Japanese but if you can read Japanese HERE is the recipe.  I follow the this for the ingredients but use a little less seasoning and cook it in my own way.  I use some corn starch to stop the gyoza from sticking to the bottom of the tray I line up as I make them, which gives extra crispiness to the skin.


I also made a little salad, green beans with sesame dressing and fried tofu with Yuzu pepper dressing, ginger and green onion.  Everything was good.  After the first round We had another plate each of gyoza and Tofu. My husband was saying he could eat more gyoza but he was probably joking, with all the other things and rice, 14 pieces each should be enough.




The Gyoza were so crispy and good.





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