Early Dinner at Nopi in London

シンガポールに戻る前日の土曜日は、ウィンザーに住む夫の弟と奥さんと娘(姪っ子も22歳になりました)がロンドンまで来てくれて、夕食を一緒にしました。この日わたしたちはお芝居に行く予定が入っていたので、夕食は早い時間の5時半から。夫が予約してくれた、『Nopi』はお料理本も出している Yotam Ottolenghi さんのお店で以前から行ってみたかったのでした。最近のお店に多い、とてもカジュアルなお店。

The day before we flew back to Singapore, it was a Saturday and my husband’s brother, his wife and their daughter (who’ll be 22 years old soon!) came to London so we could have an early dinner together.  My husband booked Ottolenghi’s “Nopi”.  Like many other new restaurants these days it’s a very casual place.







Pre Theatre (お芝居やコンサートに行く人のために短時間に食べられるコース、ロンドンでは多くのレストランが出しています)をオーダーしましたが、食べられないものや苦手なものは変えていただけました。

My husband and I were going to a play that evening so we had to have dinner very early – we booked it at 5.30pm – and we ordered their pre-theatre menu.  They were very accommodating about things we cannot eat and substituted whatever we didn’t want.







Ottolenghi likes Middle-Eastern type of dishes so there was a lot of yoghurt and cheese used – which I’m not keen on – but other than that they were all very good and we enjoyed it.  The staff were also very nice.


My husband and his brother worked for the same company until last year but his brother left and is now working for a different company.  He used to visit Singapore on business quite often in the last few years but that also stopped with the change of company, so we miss him.  It was good to see all of them in London, and we had a great evening together.

見たお芝居は、「How the other half loves」。人生を深く考えたり感涙するお芝居ではないですが、単純に笑えるお芝居で、英語が外国語のわたしにも問題なく楽しめました。









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