Our Favorite Cafe in London

前々回くらいにロンドンに行ったときにホテルの近くだったのでふと入ってみたカフェのごはんが、思いの外美味しくて、以来行くたびに(ホテルも近いので)軽いランチやブランチを食べに行っていますがいつも美味しい。メイフェアーにある「truc  vert」というカフェですが、そこそこおしゃれっぽい普通のカフェなのですが。

A couple of years ago we tried a little cafe near the hotel we were staying at in London, and since then we go there every time we’re in the city.  We’ve always had a delicious lunch or brunch there.  The cafe is called “truc vert”.  It looks modern, but nothing so special, but we like it.








On the day after we arrived in London we were having lunch with our friends so we didn’t go there, but on the 3rd and 4th days we did.  We had the Full English Breakfast on the 3rd day and it was truly delicious.  I know it’s very simple but it’s not often you get something simple where everything is good.  The fried bread is crispy outside and fluffy inside, the poached eggs were just right and runny, all the seasoning was spot on, the sausage looked strange but tasted delicious (must be homemade);  everything was hot and fresh.





On the 4th day we bad bacon sandwiches.  The onion jam was a little too sweet for me but I took some off and it was good then.





No idea what the dinners and proper lunches are like but I think their light meals are really well cooked.


Truc Vert
42 North Audley Street
London W1K 6ZR

Tel: +44 20 7491 9988

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