End of Holiday


On our last day in London, we rested at my husband’s brother’s house until it was time to be picked up by the car we booked to take us to the airport.  It all went smoothly and we arrived back in Singapore late on on the following night.  We had a wonderful time both in Sicily and London.  We usually stay in London only for 3 nights but 4 nights this time felt much better as we didn’t need to try and do everything in a short time.

義弟夫婦の家の Mimi は前回(去年10月)はまだまだ小さかったのにもう結構大きくなっていて、長くいる大人の猫と同じ部屋に入っても大丈夫になっていました。

Mimi, the little cat of my husband’s niece, wasn’t very little any more and she is now getting on better with their older cat.













So this is it about our big holiday this year.  We haven’t decided the destination for our big holiday next year yet…




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