Farewell Lunch @Ding Dong

来週本帰国をされるお友達とこじんまりと数人でお別れランチにご一緒しました。場所は、お友達が行ったことがないので行ってみたいと選ばれた「Ding Dong」で。つい最近(2週間前)にお店は引っ越したそうで、知らずに以前あった

I had a farewell lunch with a few friends including one who is leaving next week.  She hasn’t been to Ding Dong and wanted to try the place before she goes.  We took a taxi there but when we got off we found out that the restaurant wasn’t where we had expected (Ann Siang Road)  – it has moved to a new address (Amoy Street).  I meant to take a photo of the decor at the new place but forgot – I think I like the old one better but the new chairs were much more comfortable than at the old place.


We ordered a few dishes and shared.


Vietnamese chicken coleslaw.  We liked it very much and ordered another one later – their portion is quite small.




Carbon-battered Prawn Tempura とありました。真っ黒に焦げた部分が carbon-batter なのですが、焦げたような味でもなく、不思議な感じ。物珍しい感じでしたが、特別美味しいということもなかったような。

Carbon-battered Prown Tempura – I don’t know what exactly the carbon-batter was about, it was very black as you can see but didn’t taste like carbon.  Very interesting appearance but I didn’t think it was very special.



Vietnamese Scotch Eggs – my husband and I love these.  We orered 2 of these to share between 4 of us.


Wagyu Beef のチャーシュー。白いものは粉糖のように見えますがスープのような味で、口の中に入れるとすっと溶ける不思議なものでした。ご飯と一緒に出てきました。チャーシューというのとは違う感じですが、美味しかったです。

Wagyu Beef Cha Siu.  The white powder looks like powdered sugar but it tasted like some sort of soup and melted on your tongue as soon as you put it in your moth.  Very interesting. The beef and the sauce were also very nice.  It came with rice.


Red cooked Chicken。今日オーダーした中で、これだけは余り美味しくなかったです。煮すぎてチキンの胸肉が硬くパサパサになってしまっていました。残念。

Red cooked chicken.  This was the only thing we didn’t enjoy, the chicken breast was cooked for much too long, and had gone very tough and stringy.




For dessert, we ordered 2 of Mango, Pomelo & Sago.  It was Mango ice cream, mango mousse (? nice and foamy) with some pomelo and sago.  Very nice.



Red cooked chicken 以外はどれもとても美味しくいただきました。メニューの品数はそれほど多くなく、特にわたしが食べられないお魚やカモなどを除くと少なくなってしまいますが、ちょっと面白いお料理ですし、味も全体に好みです。



The red cooked chicken wasn’t great but we enjoyed everything else.  Their menu is not large to start with so there aren’t so many dishes I can eat (as I cannot eat fish, seafood, lamb, duck) but almost everything I have in this restaurant is usually very good.

I’ll have one more chance to see my friend but that’ll be it, she’ll leave in one week.  Very sad….


115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935

Tel: 6557 0189


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