Japanese Fried Chicken With A Twist


I tried a couple of recipes I had from a friend.  She saw these recipes in a magazine in a hair salon, tried them and liked them.  Both of them are, I think, quite Japanese but with lots of coriander leaves that are getting popular in Japan. One is fried chicken and the other is potato salad.  I also made some Chinese style cucumber salad (?) and carrot salad.  I feel it’s a style that many Japanese would have – they tend to have a few dishes on the table for dinner, sometimes all Japanese dishes but often they mix Japanese, Chinese, western and some other Asian dishes at one meal.








The fried chicken’s seasoning is quite Japanese – soy sauce, mirin etc – but with lots of coriander leavers.  I very seldom deep-fry but I wanted to try this one.  It turned out very good – although next time I will marinade it for longer as it was lightly seasoned.


Potato salad is also something Japanese make often but this one isn’t mashed so a little different from the most common one.  I added some Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) as there was some left in the fridge.  The dressing is mainly Japanese mayonnaise with some lemon juice, salt and curry powder added.  This one also has a lot of coriander leaves.



I used to have a recipe for Chinese cucumber marinade but I couldn’t find it today so I searched on internet, they are mostly the same, sugar, soy sauce & vinegar with some sesame oil.  I must find a good way to file recipes.



Carrot salad is a simple one – I guess it’s French style.  Just salt, lemon juice and olive oil.  It’s one of those salads that taste better sometime after they are made and keep for a week or so in the fridge.  I like it in a sandwich, too.






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